Random Pictures/Videos

Mom takes Grandma Grace to a concert and she relaxes at home
May 18, Larson Elementary School Field Day – 2nd Grade Class Performance
Ben advances to the 1000 lbs club – was able to lift a combined 1000 lbs in 3 different lifts (was also member of 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 lbs clubs)
Anthony and James work out at the local gym as only they can

Ammon’s 8th Birthday Party

more pizza
and more pizza!
Brothers waiting their turn for a go at the pizza
Pizza for brothers also
Two table feast
Cake and presents
Helicopter present from James
King for the Day
King Anthony holds court
James and Ammon
Ammon on the obstacles
Sam flip
Jacob flip
Battle: Ben vs Sam
Battle: Ben vs Jacob
Battle: Ben vs James
Battle: Ben vs Anthony

Ben’s High School Graduation

The 2022 Graduates of Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork, UT assemble
Ben walks up to the stand
Ben on the big screen
Ben receives his diploma
Ben posing
Family picture – Jacob, LaReita, Sam, Ben, Ammon, David, Anthony, James
Strong men
Ben and younger twin, Ammon
E, Julles and Ben
Kaleigh and Ben and Ammon
Dressing up for the graduation dress rehersal

Sam’s Projects

Sam won 2nd place for his log press, made from propane tanks as a Christmas gift for his brother Anthony
Ammon says “Sam, build me one of these!”
“Then I can drive like my older brothers.”

So Sam finds a car he likes (looks like the former owner likes what Sam plans to do with it as well.

Mom’s MSW Graduation

Mom earned her Masters of Social Work from Winthrop University in South Carolina. Mom and dad went out to be at the graduation in person.

Flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, picked up rental car from airport, drove to Winthrop University in South Carolina, stayed a an AirBnB across the street from the campus. Nice old style room.
Toured the campus (mom had never been there before – only done online classes). Here she is posing in front of a university banner and the famous “Eagles” statue near the front of the campus.
Thinking deep thoughts in front of the campus auditorium.
Gathering with fellow graduates in the social work program before the awarding of degrees.
Dad’s view from the stands.

The program begins
Mom on the floor awaiting the presentation
The official degree
Meeting up with friends/fellow-students afterwards
Special friend also from Ghana
Caught up with a favorite professor