AZ Trip – ostrich farm

Mom, Ammon, Kennedy, Grandpa Berky
Dad too
Ammon feeding the goats
and donkeys
and parakeets
and ostriches
and more ostriches
and rays
Mom, Kennedy, Grandpa and Ammon
Grandpa feeding the birds in the aviary
Mom and Dad and bird
Dad’s popular with the birds
Ammon makes new friends
Ammon and Mom on a bike ride the day before (12/29/2020)

Berky family pictures

The whole crew

Malory, Loralai, Jake, Gina, Katlyn, Doug, Kennedy, Jessica, Savanah, Ryan, Justin, June, Dan, Braden, Grandpa, Jenny, Madi, Grandma, LaReita, Anthony, Ammon, David, Ben, Jacob, Sam, James, E, Julles (Ruxpin not pictured – missing Jack and Lane Hatch)

Roger and Anne Berky family – June, Dan, Roger, David, Anne, Douglas, Julles
Kennedy, Jake and Ammon
Cruisen on Julles’ bike
James ready for action
Anthony ready to rumble
Sam ready for some insanity
Ammon and Jacob ready to play


Let the unwrapping begin
Ben, Mom, James, Ammon
(back to front) Anthony, Jacob, Sam, Julles, E
More presents!
Anthon, Jacob, Sam
Ammon and Anthony
Julles, Sam, Ben, Mom, Jacob, James
Ammon – armed and dangerous
James, Ammon, Jacob putting together Legos
Jacob shows off his new hoodie
Crazy James and his new bandolier
Anthony brings in the new gun safe (James is spotting)
Ben, Cesar, Anthony, Carlos, James – Spanish Fork Mafia
Ben and Julles play Catan game

Cleaning out the garage

We were storing a bunch of stuff that needed to go to a thrift store to benefit the FMF Africa projects, but the thrift store never re-opened so we donated it to Deseret Industries (another thrift store).

Packed garage – the boys rescued a few treasures the rest went to DI
Anthony helping to unload the trailer
The boys helping unload

Grandma Grace turns 90

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we did a drive-by birthday party for Grandma Grace Leavitt’s 90th birthday on December 6th, 2020

Approaching the hose
Getting closer
Grandaughter Brynn, Daughter Lynette and the birthday girl Grandma Grace – queen for the day
Lots of well-wishers lined up to see her
The classic cars on parade
Grandkids riding in the back
More grandkids parade by
Ammon, Jacob, Kendrick, Sterling
LaReita brings her mom an Christmas bouquet (12/21/2020)