Young Men’s Camp

At the cabin in Blanding – Sam helping to move a couch downstairs
Next priority – getting ready for a 4 wheeler ride
Playing cards
Helping another boy ride the 4 wheeler
Service project – clearing brush around the cabin
Playing solitaire
Dad brought his book
Dinner – taco salad in a bag
Gone fishin’
Gone nappin’
Service project part 2 – unloading and chopping wood
Trying out some fish caught in the lake (but not by Sam)
Hanging out in the loft
Thursday night campfire
Morning face
Jacob napping on the way to the hike
Ready for the hike
Checking out some Native American cliff dwellings
“I can’t believe I’ve made it this far”
On the lake
Canoe swamping
Service project part 3 – filling up the wood bin
Friday night campfire
Playing Mafia
Loading the 4 wheeler for the trip home