S1 E:19 I LIVE IN A $1,000,000 HOUSE

Technically it’s that much, but in Chilean pesos. Anyways it’s nice to have more than 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom for 4 elders


Carla was babtised and confirmed a member of the Church!

It’s such a blessing to be able to see the work of the Lord happening right before our eyes, and to feel the Love that our Heavenly Father is pouring out for all of His children.

His love is always there, just reach out to the Son and feel His love. 

Also listen to Flashes of Light by Steven Lund, and you will be able to recognize all of the miracles in your life that testify of the Love of our God.


Good week, tough at some points, and great at others. A friend of ours cooked us some empanadas, and they were really good


 but it’s pretty cool that diseases don’t exist in South America,  because man putting boxes of raw chicken in the fridges is just a hassle. The ground is so much more convenient 


I’ve got an experience that I want to share tho, I don’t send much back so if you’ll read this one I would appreciate it

It was a scorching hot Sunday afternoon, and me and E. Camacho were dead beat after the morning. We left early in the morning to pick up all of our friends for church at 9. Our bikes are broken, so it’s a ways to get to our sector. Church was great, but it’s very frustrating when the ward ignores our friends who are going to be baptized next week, and instead decides to pester you about their tupperware that you returned a month ago. 

More frustrating things happened, but I don’t really want to get into the details of everything. 

We end up finding ourselves in front of the house of a member, attempting to retrieve a jenga set for a lesson. They weren’t answering their door, and after knocking about 4 times I wanted to leave. But I had the impression to knock once more. And so I did. … Nothing. Knock again. … Nothing. Knock again. … Nothing. Knock again. And at this point I’m just feeling really stupid and like I’m bothering the neighbors. 

But then they came and opened the door, and they gave us some ice cream. This was the inflection point of the day, and everything after this just went well. Which really doesn’t seem like a big thing but it was something that I needed, and something that God knew I needed. Just like with Peter, He asked those three times, and for me as well, He asked if I would follow Him three times as well. Trials are for growth, if you are uncomfortable, that means you are growing.

Get in the groove of going uphill



New year, woah, I haven’t eaten since last year. Man this fast seems long

Trying to bring people to church and teach them about the truth. Time is passing a little faster than I had anticipated, and I don’t think it’s because my watch is broken (brought two, both broke)

Everyday we have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, so just do the little things that the Spirit prompts you to do. He is always there, always nudging, so just listen.


Uhhh no riots, but one old lady said, “ugh I cant believe Argentina won” during lunch, so that was pretty strong.

Working and stuff, trying to get the rest of the family Santiago (kid that was babtised last week) baptised and the family of Edith (Girl that was babtised last week)

Don’t like using the bikes, it’s a lot harder to talk to people. I like talking to people 

Most often, a simple testimony is more powerful than one with many eloquent words. Don’t be afraid to share 🙂


So it was a good week. My companion went home. Was weird to see. Were able to help Maria, Santiago, Edith, Jose, Ann, and Gabe be baptized and confirmed. So that was really pretty sweet

Part of the ward is burning down rn, lots of fire fighters around the area. We can’t help at all so that kind of sucks.

It’s interesting how God is always there for you, and you just need to trust in Him and his plan for you.


Next week hope to baptize some people, stand by for pics

Met a guy who said he was God. Pretty cool guy, had a cool hat. He drank a lot of a soda brand I’ve never heard of.

Dog walked into sacrament meeting, then got kicked out. Poor guy. Then the power out, pretty sure it was him exacting his venjence.

Study charity. (Its Christmas time, just do it. Builds character) it will change your perspective around this season.


Good week. Have Bananas. This is a cool guy. He wants to serve a mission. Gave him a tie.

Feeling good, like I should, something something about a neighborhood.

Feeling blessed, never stressed.

You can control three things, Thoughts, actions, and emotions. So use your agency to not suck at life