Good week, Osmaris and her kid should be baptized on June 4th, so that’s hype, E Nielson is vibing with us now before he goes home in 2 weeks

Good week, pday is Tuesday because the area 70 is pulling up tomorrow 

Also built a super redneck shack for a lady to sell empanadas. 


Didn’t almost drown, but it is raining 🙂 

Taught some lessons, people are progressing, the city is different.

Met a special forces dude

The you can always return to the gospel, Jesus arms are always open to receive you. Just take that first step.

Season 2 Episode 1: EATING RATS

In a new sector, it’s wild!! There are a lot of new things going on here!! The city is pretty cool. Got some stuff going on next week, so let’s see what goes on

Also the members are really cool.

I love teaching about the Restoration and the peace that can come from the doctrine of Jesus Christ 🙂

‘Tis but a flesh wound

Hi family,

I’m sure word has spread amongst our family about our weekend adventures.If anyone is interested in watching the progress of James’ gunshot wound here it is. I’m adding pictures and descriptions daily 🙂


Our bodies are amazing!

For those who didn’t get the full story, here it is:


James was blessed with an abundance of guardian angels on Saturday. He was out with buddies doing tactical drills out in Elberta. They thought it was BLM land, but it was church land 🙂 It’s a popular shooting spot. When he reholstered his pistol, the trigger caught on some canvas from his thigh holster strap. The 9mm bullet discharged and had a clean entry and exit wound on the back of the calf. Doctors say it was a lucky place to get shot. No bones or arteries struck. “Tis a flesh wound”. If it was angled even 5-10% different it would have been a devastating wound.

His buddies called 911. The cops and ambulance arrived at the scene within 15 minutes and noticed the set-up with covers, targets, bullet-proof vests, etc. The cops then began joking around with them and teasing James for using a Turkish gun. “Dude. Why are you not using a Glock or Beretta?”
“Because I’m young and poor!”

15 minutes after the accident James sent a picture of his leg to the family chat with a caption of “oopsey”. I called him immediately, not in a panic, but very calm. I suggested instead of the ambulance ride to please have a buddy take him to the hospital, especially since he wasn’t bleeding out. The paramedics agreed. (Besides ambulance policy is to drive the patient to the closest hospital, which would be the Payson hospital. Payson hospital and providers aren’t in-network with our insurance, so it would be even more expensive with the ambulance ride on top of that!)

We met him at SF hospital. I went to the front desk before he arrived and told the lady the situation and if he can just do Instacare instead of the ER since he’s not bleeding out? You know you are in semi-rural Utah when the reply is, “well, when my son shot his foot…” (LOL)

But hospital policy is ER for gunshot wounds. Go figure! I asked the nurse assigned to James how many gunshot wounds she sees a year in Spanish Fork. “About 2-4”. Though in West Valley City they call those hospitals “the knife & gun clubs” because of the prevalence of those injuries in that area. 

James said the numbing of the area to irrigate with saline solution was more painful than the actual gunshot wound.

He stayed home from work on Monday. Threw away that holster and ordered a better one. Also a 3 pack of tourniquets to replace the one his buddy had and was used.
He’s feeling pretty good. Not much pain. No painkillers either. Though the first 3 days he did take 500mg of aspirin once a day to prevent blood clots.

Every day, multiple times a day, I say a prayer of thanks for the angels that protected him from it being any worse! 


Ariana got baptized and confirmed, she is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

Last week in Melipilla, my first sector. Been here for 8 months and I love the ward, friends with so many of the members. It’s been a great time and so great to get to know all of the wonderful people here ☺

I’m headed to the city now, to the biggest city of South America, Santiago. 

It was a wild ride, and I’m tired so I’m not going to write more

I love you all so much, and as we continue to develop the pure love of Christ, Charity, we will live and love more like Him.