Dad’s & Donuts

Reading at Larsen Elementary for "Dad's and Donuts."

The school has a program every semester (I think) where the dad’s are invited to come and read to their children in the classroom.  Children seeing their father read is supposed to greatly increase the odds that children will also be readers, and continued learners.  Having the boys see dad reading isn’t a problem at all.  Though we could probably improve on spending time reading with them.  Sometimes at night during story time, one of us (the parents) fall asleep mid-story.  Then in the morning the child who was jipped with the story, insists that their book is finished that very morning.

At this particular Dad’s and Donuts we arrived a bit late (goodness, that’s something else we need to work on).  So by the time it was time to get a donut, they were all gone.  And when they were reading, they were kicked out of the room.  Well, not literally, but were encouraged to leave to go get some donuts.  Which had run out.

Carlos N and James
Anthony and Caezar N
Brothers reading