New windows (v.2)

Taking out the old windows
Taking out the master bedroom window
Dormer windows are down
Living room windows being taken out
Kitchen windows going
View from windowless windows
Taking out the kitchen windows
View from Ammon’s bedroom’s windowless window
New master bedroom window
New kitchen bay windows
Old window frames

Random pictures

Ammon plays on the floor at Grandma Grace’s home (Legacy House – 11/8/2021)
Dad finds a picture of the old Guckenheimer (client) building in a TV show (11/16/2021)
Sam and band friends pose in front of trophies the Marching Band won – at band dinner (11/17/2021)
Grandma Grace and Ammon attend a play at MMHS (11/19/2021)
Football dinner – Ben and Ammon (11/22/2021)
Ben and football teammates at Football dinner
Ammon and Jacob in the car (11/26/2021)