Berky Family Moab Trip

Relaxing in the condo, resting up for the river trip the next morning – Ben, Anthony, cousin Ryan, Ammon
Getting ready for the river trip – cousin Jack, Uncle Dan, Anthony, Mom, Jacob, cousin Mattie
Julles, Anthony, Mom (posing), cousin Jack, Ammon, Uncle Dan – filling water bottles
Ben – excited to go
Jacob – enjoying the sun
Anthony, Jacob, Dad, cousin Ryan – gathering people for a group picture
Sam – extreme close-up
Mom, cousin Jack, Anthony, Jacob, Dad, Ammon, cousin Ryan, Aunt June, Uncle Justin, Sam, cousin Savanah, Ben, Julles, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Day, cousins Mattie, Braden, Savanah’s friend(?)
Group photo – v2
Unwinding in condo after river trip – Anthony, Jacob, Ben
Ammon fueling up on candy
Next day, bike riding and hiking – Sam to ride the bike trail he will race on next week
Sam ready to go, Jacob not so sure, Mom, Ammon and Dad
Ready, set, ride!
Mom and Ammon hiking the trails
Ammon, Anthony and Jacob pause for a picture
Ammon “T posing” in the desert
Sam zooming by
Dad excited to sit and drink (just water)
Ammon and Sam ride the small course
Sam making the rounds
Adults tired, kids still playing
Sam – done?
Anthony showing Dad how to play a game on his phone
Dad says “I’m use to playing Dig Dug on a larger screen”
Ammon about finished
Sam, Jacob, Ammon chowing down on cereal before we head home
Anthony enjoying a last few minutes of relaxation

[S9E5] Exchanges galore!

5: Two exchanges in one week? is that legal?

We had exchanges planned with the other Coos Bay elders, but we forgot about our exchange with the zone leaders. So we hastily scrambled and moved appointments around so we could fit both. They went like so;

4: Chris might be dead now

Elder Mooney and I were out tracting, and we saw a junkyard — I mean house that could use a little cleanup. Somtimes these kinds of houses will get a little upsetti spaghetti when you try to talk to them, so I was looking around for a “no tresspassing” sign, hoping to have an out. I didn’t see any, so we started walking up to the house. As we were picking a path through the yard, a man came out of his trailer. His name was Chris, and he was dying of heart problems. We had a great conversation about the plan of salvation, and gave him a Book of Mormon. He’s a referral over to the spirit world elders lol.

3: Exchanges with the Zone Leaders!

We did some work in both of our areas, Unfortunately Elder Weston and I didn’t really find anybody. Well I guess we ‘found’ a nice Jehovah’s Witness named George. He was nice. 

For some reason, I was the only one in the exchange who wanted to drive, so I got to drive a Nissan Rouge again! They’re nice, and I’m sure I won’t drive a car so nice ever again. 

2: Bannana Bread!

Elder Clark loves banana bread, and I’m just along for the ride. Every week he gets a bunch of bananas to brown and prepare for bread. For a whole hour our apartment smells like heaven. Then 5 minutes after it comes out of the oven, it’s gone.

1: Burning a shirt!

So the tradition when you reach 1 year is to burn a white shirt. I hit a year a couple weeks ago, but I just didn’t have the time to burn a shirt. So when we were on exchanges I brought a shirt along to burn. It was fun, we burned a lot of stuff besides shirts. It was a lot of fun. I think I posted it on instagram if you want to check out the full video. Lol, gotta get that shameless plug in.

The first chapter of Saints 2 is out! so go check it out and get hyped for history+gospel=a good book!

I know that Christ’s gospel is the only way to peace and happiness, both in this life and the one after. 

Love ya

Ya Boi Elder Berky

[S9E5] You know these blessings keep falling in my lap

The biggest news I have;

WE FINALLY HAVE A CAR!! But that’s not all, so let’s get talking about the week.

7: The Car An area in our zone got combined, which meant there was an extra car floating around. We got it, and are in a car-share with the other Coos Bay ward. Now we can finally go out and do some good work, not plan the whole dang day around as few trips into town as possible.

6: Exchanges I wasn’t going to put this in, because I thought we had exchanges last week. I’m all turned upside-down right now. Dunno what I’m thinking.But yeah, we had exchanges, I went with Elder Hyer, we set up some things with our people, and did some street contacting.

5: A Cursed Experience As Edler Hyer and I were walking, I noticed some papers on a pole. Thinking they were a missing child poster I checked them out, but it was actually screenshots of a youtube video. What were the videos about? Olympic gymnasts. No information other than that. Weird right? Right as I was figuring this out, a middle-aged crackhead wearing big snowgoggles walked up, more papers in hand. He began to staple them to the pole, and I asked him what he was doing. “Did something happen to these girls?” The man looked at me through his colossal snowgoggles, “No” he replied, putting another girl’s motion-blurred face up. “So why put these screenshots up?” I asked. “It’s better than sleeping with ’em” giant snowgoggles replied. I… I……. I had nothing. I’m usually pretty quick when it comes to responding to stuff, weird or otherwise. But this caught me like the French after the 3rd Reich walked in through Belguim.”Can’t argue with that” was the only thing I could say as we walked away. My boy Hyer turned to me after we were out of earshot, and said “That was the most Cursed Experience I have ever had.” I would most certainly agree. 

4: Church is cancelled Yesterday, instead of going to church near us, we got a ride all they way out to Coquille. It was good, a nice ride, and some good talks by the Coquille elders. But supporting Elder Larsen and Young wasn’t the reason we drove 30 minutes to church. It’s because our building flooded. That’s right, the ocean has heaved above it’s shores, with nothing to hold it back it raced inland and…I’m just kidding, a waterline broke. There’s been fans running all Friday, but the carpet near the kitchen is still sopping. The solution? Shut off the water for the whole dang building. This meant that church had to be cancelled. Probably because bathrooms don’t work. Which sucked because Vera and Linda were going to come to church. Well, there’s always next week.

3: I thought the floor was just that dark. We got a dollar mop, because I’m tired of our floors being slightly sticky. As we began mopping the kitchen, the floor was changing color. It was really gross, but it had to be done, who knows the last time it had been properly scrubbed? Then we started to work on the bathroom, and a similar situation occurred. So Elder Clark and I said, ‘Screw it, today is a cleaning day’ Changed out of proselyting clothes, and deep cleaned the whole dang apartment. It’s so much nicer now. Don’t know why we waited this long. Ugh. The dollar store mop was just as bad as you would expect, but because it was a dollar I did not complain.

2: The Future of Groceries! Safeway has this cool program where they will deliver groceries right to your door, and Elder Clark has an even cooler mom who will do that for him. I’m so thankful for that, because she covered some of the costlier necessities, leaving room in our budgets for other things, like different cheeses (so I can try out which cheese makes the best grilled cheese), nice dishwasher soap, some air fresheners so our apartment doesn’t smell like bleach from our cleaning spree, etc. Thank you Mama Clark! <3

1: Why weren’t you here yesterday??  After Elder Clark had put Linda’s car back together, we set up for a lesson on Thursday. Come Thursday, we walked up the hill to go teach Linda about the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we knocked on her door, she was kinda upset with us. She had been sitting out all day yesterday, waiting for us. Linda had thought that Wednesday was Thursday, and Thursday was Friday. After she realized her mistake she was in a much better mood. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she loved it. She had something to add to everything we talked about, it was more of a discussion than a lesson. We extended a baptismal invitation, and she said yes, but she needed to receive answers to a few questions she had. That’s great, we said. That’s what your baptism should be. not just a thing to do because you should, but because you know and love the Lord.


Ya Boi

Elder Berky

[S9E4] The multi-suited week

Usually we wear our suits once a week, at church. But this week we wore them a total of three times (3)! That’s almost more times than I can count! Let’s talk about that.

5: Zone Conference Was very good this week, we had it in Roseburg, and all the talks were good. Elder Ward got  V E R Y excited over some fruit, our sisters had a great segment about personal study. Personal study is nice, because it just makes the day go by so much better. The days where I don’t have a personal study just seem, darker for lack of a better term. So do yourself some personal studies and see how much better the day goes.

4: I can sing a song (so can 4 others in our zone) I totally forgot, we had a musical part in zone conference! We sang “Saviour Redeemer of my Soul” and it went down great! I’ll have to see if we can do it again so it can get recorded lol. I was singing the harmony and it was pretty difficult because I haven’t done any actual singing for a hot minute, but I got it after a little practice. (And audio recordings of the piano)

3: This one’s also about zone conference It was just an eventful day okay? The first event that we started off with was getting up early. Like 5:00 early, because Roseburg is 3 hours inland, and we wanted to be there early to practice our piece. We got a ride with Port Orford, and as soon as we got in the car, Elder Clark and I fell asleep. Or as asleep as you can be in a little Corolla. After a couple hours I woke up, and said “Oh hai ocean” But Roseburg is inland remember? WE HAD BEEN GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION FOR TWO HOURS Cowabunga time. Elder Ream flipped the car over. Around, he flipped it around and floored it. You know how we have those little government wiretaps in our cars? To track our speed and make sure we don’t do anything too crazy? Well, the Lord understood that we REALLY didn’t need it just then and the little Orwellian-nightmare box stayed off for the majority of our way back. We definitely topped out around 85-95 on our way back. We changed our arrival time from 10:30am to 9:15am. That right there is a miracle. Another one? We didn’t see a single cop. 

2: Interviews took all day Our interviews were at 1:00, but the Coquille elders were at 9:00. We did not plan on going to interviews with them. But the Coquille elders did! So we came to interviews with them. And were there all day. It was good though, President Orton and I talked about training, which I’ll probably do in next transfer, or the one after that. So I’m excited. It’ll be a great experience. (That was the other time we had to wear a suit)

1: Dodgeball is a very good thing A kid that we’re working with, Mason has come to dodgeball quite a few times, but this time was evidently the best. We had plenty of people there, and it was just fun. I need to get some pictures, it’s a good time.

Bonus: Stake Conference/Sunday was fantastic! Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone we are teaching come, but it was a spiritual experience nonetheless. Elder Acosta of the seventy came, and shared his re-activation story, it was wonderful. Then his wife shared a story of her family in Mexico, who she didn’t know if they stayed active or not, but was able to find out through family history. Moral of the story? Do your family history.

After stake conference we had lunch, and went to go talk to a lady named Linda, who was out working on her slug bug. I know jack squat about cars, but Elder Clark does! He helped her put the headlights in, and I kept the dog busy. It was a good way to go. We set up a lesson with her this Thursday, and it will be fantastic. She’s ready to learn, and has some real promise! 

After putting her car back together took longer than expected we had to book it to make it to the F- (everyone say Hi!) who had us and the other elders over for a dinner/lesson. Dinner was curry (very good) and the lesson was on the commandments (even better) the Spirit was testifying so strongly of the message of the commandments. They aren’t here to hold us down, but to lift us up. All of the commandments bring blessings, ones we see with our eyes, and those we don’t see. We have to feel them out, seek them out. 

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, and in case I don’t see you tomorrow,

Good Morning,
Good evening,
and Good night!

(That’s what he says on the Truman Show, right?)

Ya boi,
Elder James Berky

Sam’s Timberline Scout Training

Sam’s patrol the “Sloths” – Timberline leadership training at Camp Maple Dell
Flag lowering ceremony to mark the end of the week-long camp
Sam receiving his Timberline necklace
Dad and Anthony watching Jacob and Ammon play on the jungle gym
Anthony visiting our usual campsite “Apache” at Camp Maple Dell.
Jacob hops the creek, Ammon in upper-right. Lots of water this year.

[S9E3] Bikes, brief exchanges, music and scones!

6:We biked to the other end of the world and back. Twice. First off, my bike’s fixed. I kinda wish it wasn’t, cause we have been biking absolutely EVERYWHERE


There are just parts of our area that we just don’t visit because it’s so far out. But with bikes we can get out there! We got to talk with a really nice lady named Linda who was working on her lawnmower. We talked with Linda for about an hour and a half. When we went back to talk with her we saw her talking with her neighbor! So we talked to the both of them about the gospel for a good long while.

5: Scones are easy to make if you don’t actually make the scones.  Pillsbury biscuits, when split into pieces make very good scones. They puff up and are very good. But more importantly they are cheap! Gonna be making those more often.

4: Don’t trust Google!  We were going to go on a hike at Golden and Silver Falls, but No one knew how to get there. So we plugged the name into Google maps and headed out on our 45 minute journey. Well, after arriving at our destination we were told by Google that it was a u-turn, and we had to head back 10 minutes in the other direction.We eventually did get to water falls, they were cool. Here, have some pictures!

3:  I kinda fixed my glasses. Kinda So after waaay too long of wearing my square glasses I decided to fix my circles. Well, I don’t have any glue, or tape, or flex seal, so what do I do? What do i have? Thread. I have thread. So I wrapped the leg with thread and tied it to the frames. But as you can expect it didn’t work out all that well. Guess I’ll just have to take it into an actual shop or something. 

2: We talked to another Linda! She s talked to missionaries in the past, and liked it a lot! So We stopped by and saw her working on her VW beetle, good thing elder Clark is a car guy so we helped her out. Or he helped her out. She might be coming to church next week!

1: Giving a blessing on the side of the road is Very spiritual. As we were taking a (much needed) rest on the side of the road after biking to east side a car pulled up. A lady leaned out the window and asked if we were okay, I lied and said I was fine, and then we got to talking. She’s a homeless member of the North bend road, and wanted a blessing. It was loud but spiritual, and if that were the only reason we rode over there, it would’ve been worth the whole ride. 

☠-us round! Anti-mormon zombies! The lady Gail wasn’t actually a zombie but her anti might as well be. What I’ve learned about all anti is that it has been shot down, blown up, and disproven so many times, but it just keeps coming back. Like zombies. Get it? Any ways, we knocked into a lady named Gail who left the church when she was 19, and has been an enemy of it ever since. We tried to resolve her concerns but once people have been like that for 50+ yrs they just don’t want to. As we were leaving she asked us to pray and the Lord will reveal the truth to us. So I took her up on it that night, and (shocker) the Lord re-affirmed what I already knew. It’s always good to keep praying about the gospel, and keep growing your testimony.

Love yall 

Ya boi

Elder James Berky 

Funny bumper sticker: “Cool Prius – Nobody”

Sam at Timberline

Sam left this morning for a week up at Maple Dell Scout Camp, south of Payson, Utah for the Timerline youth training. He was very excited to go and woke up at 5:30am even though we were not leaving until 8am.