Random pictures

Ammon and Pumpkin having some breakfast cereal (3/5/2021)
Book donation for FMF that needs sorting (3/16/2021)
View from the Impala (3/16/2021)
Ammon on the computer (3/17/2021)
Ammon practicing piano (3/17/2021)
Zoe (Sam’s friend), Sam and Ammon swimming (3/19/2021)
Jacob swimming with friends Marin and Lyla (3/17/2021)
Jacob and Ammon touring the new Spanish Fork Fire Station (3/20/2021)
LaReita touring the new station (3/20/2021)
Sam selling his mountain bike to buy a truck (3/21/2021)
Ammon and goats at the FFA animal pen (3/24/2021)
Ammon and mom presenting his “Star of the Day” collage

New chicken coop

Mom buys a new coop for her new flock – Dad’s not so sure (4/10/2021)
The coop is delivered to the backyard via Sam’s new truck (4/12/2021)
Hired a bobcat tractor to unload the coop
Moving the coop into place
Trying not to drop it on the neighbor’s side of the new fence
Placing the coop
Right there!