Ben featured in local magazine
Ammon at Cub Scouts
Superbowl Sunday Spread – 2/13/2022
Ben wrestling 2/16/2022
More wrestling
Beautiful mom – 2/18/2022
Mom, Ammon, Grandma Grace, and Ammon attend a Utah Valley Symphony performance – 2/18/2022
Ben recovering from wisdom teeth surgery – nice ice packs (courtesy of Julles) – 2/21/2022
A path through the snow to the chickens – 2/24/2002

Dad and Uncle LaMont attend a Crypto Mining Conference in Texas

LaMont standing at the rear of 1000s of crypto mining machines – 1000′ long 50′ wide warehouse – one of 5 warehouses of machines
Mining machines’ fans blow inward to the heat vending area – heat vents out the top – over 100 degrees in the venting area
Warehouse for submerged (in oil) mining machines
Close up of submerged machines
Server rack machine running submerged in oil
Oil system to run multiple machines