[S2E4] Pandemic 2: The electric Boogaloo

10: Elder Willits got sick! It might have been a combination of my sick, and the nasty smoke that has been up here. So u got a whole Saturday to read the new testament, and do some other paper stuff.

9: Thank you for the letters! It was very fun to read them, and was a great spiritual boost. 

8: I found a road kill skunk.

7: the smoke was very bad one day on one half of the sky, but really nice on the other half. This is a weird state.

6: We ha dinner with President Orton at this really good seafood place. It was great to talk with them about the work and stuff. Also I had a really good lobster roll.

4: not too much else happened this week, it has been really wack.

3: After stake conference Sunday we ran Into a couple ladies sitting on the grass talking, and so we went up to them, and talked for an hour. They weren’t interested, but at least they know that us latter day saints aren’t totally nuts. 

1: gonna play glow in the dark volley ball now, love you all!

Elder Berky 

[S2E4] Pandemic!

10: I got freaking sick on Friday, and was totally incapacitated on Saturday. Luckily I was feeling better on Sunday, good enough to go to church! I think it was the flu, and luckily am getting over it, just gotta take it easy for the next little bit.

9: while on exchanges with Elder Law, we saw a decapitated cow head in a less active members hard. That was cool, there dogs were eating at it the whole time we were talking.

8: Today for pday we are at a members of the mission presidency, and had a really cool object lesson about sifting wheat. We got to harvest some if the wheat with sickles, sift the chaff out, and make some great pancakes!

7: I lost all understanding of basic economics. (See pic below)

6: On Friday we went to the church pear farm, and we picked a whole basket faster than another group who had way more people than us! Hahaha! #missionarypower

5: I really want some chicken noodle soup, but we don’t have any. 

4: We had exchanges back to back, one with the white city elders, and the other with our zone leaders. That was fun, but we didn’t get much done in the ways of teaching or finding. The most memorable thing that happened was we ran into this one inactive sister who was crazy! She was suggesting all these things we should do to get more baptisms. 

3: Now that I think about it, this week hasn’t been very effective missionary wise. But that’s okay, stuff happens, we’ll just make sure next week is super missionary work! 

2: I think I sprained my pinky. It’s kinda numb at the tip, but doesn’t hurt enough to interfere with anything.  

1: The app that the church uses to make sure we’re using our phone properly went nuts and deleted a ton of apps from everybody’s phone/ tablet. Super helpful… 

I love all of you, and make sure that you try to put more good into the world than you receive. Or, if not, find some other inspirational quote that would fit well on a t-shirt and follow that.

Ya boi, 

Elder Berky 



Week status: It has been a week.

10: On Tuesday we helped a part member family dig up a ton of aluminum, and as we were pulling it out of the ground we saw that it was an old wrecked trailer. I Also found a pink Floyd cassette tape, but it was filled with earwigs, so…. Yeah. Can’t exactly try to pawn that off.

9: Today, we went bowling, and it was pretty lit. I keep forgetting how fun bowling is. Let’s go bowling when I get back. 

8: We walked up to this one house, and the lady in her backyard saw us all the way through her back and front door, and just waved us in. So we were like “ummmmm… okay….” and walked into this lady’s house and talked to her about the book of Mormon. It was weird. 

7: found a big spider named Eliot at the bishops house. Bishops son found out what it was, but i forgot the name. 

6: Weather is getting better.

5: We kinda skipped weekly planning so that was great.

4: We were walking to our car, and the same truck that uncle Dave has drove by! I waved at him and said “hey that’s my uncle’s truck.”  Then he backed up and asked if we were handing out free books, so we said yeah, and he told us that his grandson was dead. So it was a good thing that I had a plan of Salvation pamphlet on me. 

3: We met this lady from Rhodesia. Her name was Diana, like wonder woman. She was’t interested at all.

2: We made some really cute notebooks! Pics included

1: I got a ton of jelly beans! Elder Willits bought them for me!

Love you all.

[S2E1] The smoke strikes back

Yeah. Smokes back. We were doing so well, we had blue skies for almost a whole 3 days! But last night the air quality was 236. Anything under 100 is healthy. 236 is lung cancer levels. yaaaaaay

10: I got volunteered  to sing “I need the every hour” in sacrament meeting. I’d be perfectly fine with that, but I haven’t sung in a hot minute, so I’m a little rusty.

9: I get to bully elder Willits about going home! He’s going home this transfer, and has to do a online “class” about re-adjusting to being a normal person. The thing is, he really doesn’t want to go home. So he has to get used to that, and so I make fun of him so he can accept that he’s leaving. 

8: I found a Lego dude. He’s mine now.

7: My phone finally got a crack. It’s a little one in the corner, and I’m thankful for my screen protector. I’m not going to replace it just yet, I’m going to wait for another tragedy, then replace it. 

6: When driving home last night, the smoke was so bad that we couldn’t see that far without turning our brights on. When we did, the road looked like the “upside down” from stranger things. So i got to explain what stranger things was to elder Willits. 

5: We went it to visit some new members in our ward, who aren’t new members, but the daughter wants to get baptized, but her dad who lives in Arkansas said no, but she’s living with her mom and grandparents, I don’t know it’s weird. Anyways we visited them, and they live out in the freaking boonies. But that gave us a great chance to take these sweet photos. (See below)

4: Moving bales of hay in proselyting clothes is fun. We got hay everywhere, in every pocket and wrinkle on our clothes. That’s what’s expected when we ask “is there any service that we can do for you?”

3: Another photo shoot that we did was at a place that reflected the majority of what we walk and drive down here in Gold Hill.

2: We have got some new friends with transfers, and some NEW NEW friends. I’m finally not the newest kid on the block!

1: I really don’t like Weekly planning. 

I love all of you, and more importantly Jesus Loves you. Keep going strong, and remember, doubts aren’t the end. After all, a doubt of a young farm boy brought about the restoration of the gospel on earth. 

Elder Berky