Ammon & Jacob swim lessons

Ammon – normal face, scrunchy face
Jacob waiting for lessons to start
Jacob goes off the diving board
Ammon’s first time off the diving board
Not too sure about that
Jacob goes down the water slide
Ammon goes down for the first time
He likes the slide better than the diving board
Ammon goes down a second time by himself
Poses for mom
Playing with friends
Jacob graduates from his class
Dad and Ammon with his class certificate

Replacing the deck

Broken deck (6/05/2018)
Wood rotted away (6/05/2018)
Time to replace the deck (6/05/2018)
Dismantling the deck (6/08/2018)
Anthony having too much fun (6/08/2018)
Ben slicing up the deck (6/08/2018)
Anthon takes a turn (6/08/2018)
Almost done (6/09/2018)
Got to remove the old clothes rack (6/09/2018)
Ben removes the top (6/09/2018)
Digging out the cement (6/09/2018)
Dug down to the cement (6/09/2018)
Anthony brings in some more muscle (6/09/2018)


Our temporary steps (6/09/2018)
Outline for the patio cement (6/11/2018)
Crew removing weeds and grass (6/16/2018)
Moving the compost pile into the garden (6/16/2018)
“planted” in a new location (6/16/2018)
Clearing out the yard (6/16/2018)


Ammon anxious to help (6/16/2018)
Ruxpin and Ammon play in the empty yard (6/17/2018)
New cement patio (6/18/2018)
Patio drying (6/18/2018)
Building the new deck begins (6/20/2018)
Building the frame (6/20/2018)
View from the door (6/20/2018)
Building out the steps (6/20/2018)
Almost done (6/20/2018)
The new deck is finished (6/25/2018)

S1E1: the Fire Nation Attacks

Earth. Water. Fire.  Air. 

Long ago; the four nations lived in harmony but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. I was going to come up with something cute for that, and kinda parody it, but I’m lazy, and typing this up on my phone, so yeah.Without further ado, let’s get the list for this week going! (Don’t forget to like and subscribe)

10: I’m finally here! Ya boi’ s in Oregon! After a nice flight we came into a nice and humid airport. It had rained the past few days and then the temp. Spiked so everything was nice and awful. Hey, it instantly ironed my clothes, so that was nice.

9: Met my companion 2nd day, this guy named Elder Willits, He’s been out here longer than he cares to remember! Super great guy, can’t wait to learn everything I can from him.

8: Our apartment is very nice, it’s got all the necessities of life, fridge, dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer, food dryer (Microwave), and a cute little balcony! The apartment is big enough so that you don’t feel cramped, but not too big. 

7: The area that I’m serving in is called Gold Hill. It’s about 20 minutes away from everyone else, so it’s a little inconvenient getting from here to appointments in the regular city of Central point, but hey! It’s cool, we got a car! It’s a cute little town of about ~1.5k people, with some areas really nice, and some… not. But the ward is fantastic, we met (mostly) everyone at the BBQ they were having on the day we got here. (Coincidence? I think NOT!)

6: Because we were whitewashed in, which means both missionaries are new to the area, we get to pick up where the last missionaries left off. We have this couple named Carlos and Crystal, and they are SOOO ready to get baptized, they just need to get married and follow up with one or two commitments, but by my 3rd episode, we should have a baptism! They came to church, and paid tithing all on their own! Carlos even said that he’d pay more than 10% if “The lord is good to me, I’ll be good to the Lord”! I love these guys!

5: Tho nice, our apartment doesn’t have WI-FI, which is kinda weird, especially when we have skype appointments with some people, so we head over to a member’s office and sit outside to use theirs.

4: We have a temple in our area, but can only go twice a year, which is a bit of a bummer, but hey, I’m here to do invite others to come to the temple, so I guess that counts!

3: We have been fed dinner every night so far, our ward is so nice! We have dinner scheduled every night this week! If I don’t exercise enough I’m not going to be ya boi anymore, I’ll be YA BOI which we can’t have, so, plenty of sit-ups for me!

2:Personal study is sooo nice, I really wished that I had done this more at home, oh well, I will now! It’s such a good opportunity to just relax and read the words of God. Learn some interesting things to think about, like what the boat that Nephi built looked like, for it was not made after the manner of men, but the manner of the Lord.

1: After realizing I have never had Dairy Queen before, all the elders in our Zone demanded we go to Dairy Queen for Lunch. It was great. I got a cup with Chris Pratt on it, but threw it away because it was gross and made out of paper. I’ll cut him out next time, and frame him on the wall.

Love you all, Oregon has been great!

Ya Boi,

Elder Berky

MTC Week 2: Toyko Drift

What’s up everybody?

IT’S ya boi, xxxElder_Berky37xxx coming at you with another top 10, but first before we get started could ya hit that like button and dont forget to subscribe and hit that little bell to get notifications so you never miss another video (email) alright lets get riiiiiight into the list!!

10: We got to teach an investigator who asked us some really hard questions that we have had to do some real research into,  so learning and growing!!

9: I drank some nasty lemonade with all sorts of gross stuff in it, and earned $20! I used that hard-earned cash to buy me a sweet floral tie! Thanks Elder Cunningham! 

8: Got to take a quick nap before the devotional, so I got to stay awake for the whole thing! And I learned a lot, I would put a pic of my notes,  but yall probably can’t read my handwriting G.

7: We actually got good food! One day.  It was taco bell. Everybody just thought “outside food.  We are not the last ppl on Earth. We are alive!” They didn’t have any good sauce tho…

6: I got to host some new friends! He seemed like a cool dude,  but a little apprehensive. Holy crap, was that me last week? 

5: on Friday we watched a video and all got really emotional, so that was fun,  I’m just glad we had enough tissues in the classroom.  (Ok, sister Wadsworth didn’t get emotional) 

4: I drew a cool picture of Doctor Strange when I probably should have been paying attention in class. Yeah… 

3: I got to try out some freaking awesome drank from the vending machine!  Its also the only thing I like from BYU Creamery! Cookies and Cream milk is sooo good!! Dude,  that little guy is like a meal and a half! 

2: We went to the Temple this morning and it was great! The Provo temple is rather odd, and very small, but I like it!

1: I really miss music, like a lot. So does all the other elders, at night, before we all pass out, we talk about different songs that we miss. At least our mission president has said that Classical Music is okay! The song that’s keeping everybody sane is Book of Mormon Stories. That song is an absolute BANGER!

Well, that was a really crazy top 10’s list, Comment below what you’d like me to do a top 10’s list on next!! Maybe something like top 10 scriptures? number 7 will blow your mind!!

Seriously though, I love you all, and I’m having a great time, I can’t wait to get out into the field and start preaching the good news. Also the weather in Oregon is much nicer than here.

Love Elder Berky

P.S. I’m sorry I didn’t get some of your emails earlier, if you want me to send the 1st week just hit me up!

Julles Graduates – Masters Degree

Julles and Ruxpin (at the bottom)
View from our seats
Julles and Ruxpin ready to walk
The cheering section, Roger, Anne, LaReiat, Ryan, Ruxpin, David, Julles, Jacob, Ben, Sam, Anthony, Jenny
Ruxpin, Julles and friend Mika
Ben getting some sun after eating out to celebrate Julles graduation

1st week

Well, I’m still alive.

This has been a very long and short week at the same time. We met up with our companions, and have had class all day, everyday.

My Comp is Elder Clinger from Holiday Utah, just south of SLC. He’s a cool guy, and I’m happy to be serving with him. The other elders in my room (District) are Elders Alford, and Meredith. From St. George and Boston. They’re also very cool.

And yeah, I have been reading your emails, I just can’t respond to them until Thursday. You know what else I love about Thursday? I can wear shorts! It’s soo nice! AND NAP!!

The days are so long, but so short at the same time. I’ll be gone sooner than I think. I’ve shared with Anthony the pictures that get backed up to my phone, so ask him if you want to see anything. 

Love ya, and I can respond to emails all day until 6pm

Elder Berky (Wow, Elder, how cool is that?)

Jacob Cut Scout Pinewood Derby

Waiting at the finish line
The result (10)
Jacob’s Car
Excited Ammon and Jacob

Trip to SLC

Ammon plays in the fountain
Waiting for the concert to start – Sam, Anthony, Ryan, Ben, Jacob, Dad, Ammon, Grandma Berky, Grandpa Berky, Aunt Marie
And Mom

Ammon at the SF Reservoir

Ammon in the Reservoir
Ammon in the water
On the beach