Concordia College Football Visit

Ben was invited to tour Concordia College in Moorhead, MN (next to Fargo, ND). Mom, Dad and Ben flew to Fargo Sunday morning on the 16th and stayed overnight to meet the football coaches and tour the campus.

Ben posing outside the main gym – wouldn’t look at the camera – trying to look dumb.
With head coach Terry Horan
With defensive coaches
Touring the campus with Dad and Mom
Trying on a Concordia jersey with his high school number (and wearing his HS hoodie).
Dressed out and ready to go
Posing with the big “C” in the locker room
Talking with a business professor

Snow Day

Ammon, Lyla, Jacob – Mom, Jacob
Sam contemplates his snowboard run
Sam snowboard – take 2
Sam snowboard – take 3
Around the bend
Ammon is not sure
Lyla and Jacob – off they go
Ammon – will he go or won’t he?
Lyla with Ammon as rear-gunner
Sam snowboard – take 4
Sam snowboard – jumps and bumps