LaReita, David & Julles’ Cruise

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January 2003 -LaReita, David & Julie’s Cruise

Cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico

January 13-16, 2003

January 13, 2003

Dave and LaReita in Los Angeles Port

January 14, 2003
On our way to Catalina! (Meika Boogert and Julie Berky) Hoped we could snorkle, but ended up being too cold (water was 56 degrees)

We took a boat tour instead along the coast line. It got REALLY cold.

A pair of bald eagles live on Catalina.

Our boat tour took us out in deeper waters and we found a pod of dolphins that were playing with the boat. BEAUTIFUL!

Dave Relaxing. The one thing he really wanted to do on this trip. In the background you can see the “Holly House”.

Catalina Island January 14, 2003

On this tiny island (only 1 acre developed) everyone gets around in golf carts! I loved it! Hence my mania in taking so many pictures of golf carts!

Ensenada, Mexico

January 15, 2003

Ensenada is famous for having the world’s largest blowhole. (a cave at the coast that fills with water and pressure, then blows to release.) It wasn’t particularly powerful today.

Beautiful people in front of the beautiful ocean.

David Berky, LaReita Berky, Meika Boogert, Julles Berky

Walking through the open-air market we got a cute $10 kid’s guitar, a Superman cape, some silver jewelry. But we were not tempted with buying a “Velvet Joseph Smith”!