Ben takes a flight
Anthony chops his hair
Ammon leads the cub scouts in opening ceremonies
Sam performs with the Jazz Band (middle trombonist) – 3/2/2022
Pumpkin poses for a picture – 3/2/2022
E (Julles dog) poses – 3/2/2022
Sam working on his truck – 3/9/2022
James showing off his Christmas shirt – 3/24/2022
Ammon (throwing in the ball) at soccer practice – 3/25/2022
Jacob and James eating at a Korean restaurant – 3/25/2022
Cat vs. Dog standoff – 3/26/2022
Ammon at swim lessons

Ben, Mom and Dad visit Pacific University in Oregon

Visiting a local flight school
Checking out the flight simulators
Looking at the school’s planes
Ben’s “Official Visit” to Pacific University
Welcome on the big board
Learning more about the school and football program
More information
Posing with the coaches
Taking pictures in uniform
Suited up
and ready to play
Visit with Suzy Morrison – long-time co-worker with David at Guckenheimer
LaReita and sister Lynette meet up at the airport as Dad and Ben head home
LaReita, cousin Sharon, Aunt Elaine and Lynette spend some time together