Relief Society Spotlight

In our ward the Relief Society has a new presidency that are trying to get to know the sisters more. They have started doing a “spotlight” each Sunday on a sister who fills out a paper. They pick one to read after the announcements and before the lesson starts. They also send out a weekly email of announcements, including the typed up spotlighted sister. This week my spotlight was chosen. I figured this was a good history item to save.

LaReita first indicated that she goes by ‘Mom’. (Cute!)
She was born in Phoenix, Arizona
She has one brother and two sisters
She has lived in Phoenix, Tempe, Daly City (next to San Francisco)
She was baptized when she was eight years old by her father
She did not served a full-time mission but states that her mission is to raise her five sons to be wonderful missionaries
Her first job was working in her father’s office reading off numbers from microfilm to him
Her favorite church calling is working with the scouts, she enjoys helping boys grow.
Her favorite books are Kitchen Table Wisdom, My Grandfather’s Blessings, and The Book of Mormon
Her favorite movies are Fried Green Tomatoes and Count of Monte Cristo
Her favorite treats are Raw Coconut Macaroons by Raw Melissa and Mejool Dates with Peanut Butter
Her best vacation is every vacation, because there is always something great with each of them
Her favorite holiday is Pioneer Day because she enjoys being with her family and teaching them or learning about her ancestors
In her spare time she like to . . . oh wait, what spare time???? However, she does enjoy bicycling, preserving family history, and watching her garden grow
Her most precious possessions are her boys, including her husband, her non-working ’63 Chevy Impala from her grandma, her cello, her marked-up scriptures, her testimony, and her Patriarchal Blessing 🙂

We hope you know LaReita that you are a VERY IMPORTANT sister in our ward. Our lives are enriched because of you and your sweet giving, caring, and loving spirit.

Love and blessings,
Lil, Kelly, Melissa, and Adrienne