Anthony Age 2 3/4

Kiku – cookie

Bang-bang – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – loves to watch

Nilk – milk – likes it so much that some days that is all we can get him to eat.

Juice-pop-milk – soda or milk

Sometimes wakes up in the morning and wants pop corn for breakfast or a corn dog.

Likes to take apart the laundry basket and make piles of dirty laundry to pay in with James.

Yells louder and louder as he tells you he want something, his voice and demeanor get more and more serious as he repeats his request/demand.

Always liked reading the book “The Way I Feel” would want you to read it 5-7 times in a row.

Called Julles “doowie”

Called Meika “beika”

Says “thankucome” for “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome”

Falls asleep anywhere.

Likes to watch Care Bares videos.

Feet are as big as James’ feet wears same shoes.

Knows how to play on the website.

Always wants to watch “TB” when we get in the van. Pushes button to drop down the screen when he gets into the van. When mom closes the screen he says “NO, Anthony wants to watch TB!”

Often refers to himself in the third person.

In gymnastics class, the teacher calls him “strong boy”.

He can hold onto a bar suspended for 15-20 seconds.

Likes to play with mom’s hair as he goes to sleep. Has to play with hair when he drinks milk.

At night he prefers to be with dad and have dad read him stories as he falls asleep in mom & dads bed.

Will take items away from younger brother Benjamin and say “No baby, dangerous!” Watches out for his baby brother.

When mom has her cello, says, “No mom ?adfadfdf? down” if mom doesn’t put cello down he climbs up on her lap to make it harder for her to play.

Always has to shower with whoever is showering. Plays with cars in the shower.

Still gets very excited to go on a car ride.

Even though he may fall asleep between 10 and 11pm he is still up between 6:30 and 7am. Must have D Henry’s farmer genes.

Need to put kid DVDs on a higher shelf or he opens them up and plays with them and they get scratched.

Can work the DVD player and the VCR even though they are both over his head on a shelf – stands on his tippy-toes.

Likes to play games on the computer and watch James play games.

Sings “Oh where is my hairbrush” song from VeggiTales.

Calls Banjamin “banamin” or “baby ben”.