Anthony’s Graduation

Anthony had his unique 2020 graduation today. It was a drive-by graduation. We drove up to the platform, Anthony hopped out walked across the stage, received his diploma, posed for pictures and hopped back into the car.

Video of Anthony receiving his diploma:  (about 15 seconds of Anthony)


Anthony and friend Caesar
Anthony wanted to drive the Impala but the whole family couldn’t fit in – one car/grad limit – so we rented a trailer.
Anthony in the passenger’s seat ready to hop out and receive his diploma
Posing next to the new monument purchased for the school by the class of 2020
The whole crew
Celebration lunch at an all-you-can eat sushi restaurant

Anthony’s Seminary Graduation

Poster from the Ward

The graduation “procession” was held by driving our cars to one of the church buildings in our neighborhood and having Bishop Layne Slack had Anthony his Seminary Graduation Diploma through the van window. The whole family was in the van and we did a Berky Van Waggle while in the processional line.

Bishop Slack congratulating Anthony
Watching the graduation ceremony online

Anthony the Graduate

Anthony Berky joins the graduating class of 2020. One of the most unusual years for high school graduates with the cessation of classes for the 2nd half of the year due to the COVID-19 virus.

Anthony finished his high school career with classes in welding and furniture design – some of his favorite classes. He was unable to finish some of his projects for those classes but is looking forward to finishing a great looking bookshelf.

2020 Mens Chorous – Anthony in back left

Random pictures

Ammon and a new chick (5/12/2020)
New chicks, Mom picked out a variety (5/13/2020)
The garden in bloom
James reads to Ammon (5/15/2020)
The Larson elementary school teachers do a vehicle parade for the students to mark the end of the school year (5/18/2020)
More cars
Pumkin claims Mom’s office (5/18/2020)
Ammon stops to smell the roses (5/26/2020)
Mom and Dad shopping for a new chair for Dad (5/27/2020)