December Activities

Jacob, Sam and Benjamin advance in Hapkido ranks (12/03)
Ward Christmas party – Dad, Mom, Jacob, Ben, James, Ammon, Anthony, Sam (12/05)
Ride on the Heber Valley Railroad – North Pole Express – Mom, Sam, Ammon, Benjamin, James, Jacob, Grandma Leavitt, Anthony, Julles, Ruxpin, Dad
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Samuel, Benjamin Ammon, Julles, Ruxpin, Dad, Jacob (12/09)
Anthony and James
Sam giving his ticket, Julles, Jacob, Ruxpin, Benjamin, Ammon
Samuel, Jacob, James, Ammon, Anthony looking out the window
Dad’s birthday pizza (12/09)
Ammon and Jacob eating Star Wars breakfast cereal (12/22)
Mom and Dad take a trip to the Salt Lake City Temple