Ramblings at 12:57 am (time to go to bed now!)

I was finishing emails, doing a bit of research, and doing data entry with our finances and started thinking…

You know what I would really like? When using some websites to not see random ads of

– people showing off their tattooed bodies (men and women)
– women barely wearing a bikini
– floozy women peering into the screen with puckered lips and boobs hanging out
– cellulite ads showing off a woman’s butt
– ringtone ads of couples dirty dancing
– plastic surgery ads

Interesting how they nearly all revolve around the slow destruction of not only the body, but ultimately the spirit. And these ads are nearly all women’s bodies. Satan’s workings are so subtle and yet so very blatantly attack that which is deemed to be “precious above all things”. (Moroni 9:9, 1 Cor. 6:6)

Jealously. That’s what it is. He’s jealous he can’t have a body, so he’s trying his best to ruin our mortal existence.

He really knows that if he can weaken and eventually destroy the woman (a daughter of God) he can destroy families, society and our world.

Sorry, Satan. You aren’t going to fool me! And BTW, you do know that you aren’t going to win in the end, so why even try? Just give up now.

I actually watched a movie tonight!

Well, it wasn’t really a true “movie”, but a documentary called “Who killed the Electric Car”. VERRRYYY interesting. Makes me want to go out and buy a hybrid from Toyota or Honda to show dumb General Motors that there is a demand for electric.

But few logistics:
– how would I load our whole crew in a hybrid (usually a 4 seater)?
– don’t quite have the money
– don’t really need a new car even if we did have the money

It also seemed rather fishy to me that the US Government would allow a $100,000 tax credit for vehicles over 6000 pounds in 2004. But in 2003 they only allowed an Electric Vehicle tax credit of $4,000 maximum. And in 2003 was the year that the Zero Emissions Law in California was rescinded after the Federal Government joined the automakers lawsuit against the California State Legislature and CA Air Resource Board. And that same year the EV1’s leases all “expired” and had to be returned to GM, and were crushed. (Yeah, it all smells a bit dirty to me.)

Thinking about a new car. On rare occasion Dave actually leaves the house it is to either Salem, Orem or Salt Lake City. So the miles and maintenance aren’t piling up on our old 95 Crown Victoria. Runs just fine for our needs. Definitely a new car we do not need. Just less debt.

(Though just last week we did make our final payment to our Anesthesiologist from Samuel’s birth in Jan 2006. Now on to knocking his hospital bill down. Yeah!)

would you have stopped to listen?

I had 2 students tell me about this. Very interesting sociological experiment and sad comment on our society.


Joshua Bell – one of the most famous violinists in the world, performs in Washington DC’s subway one morning for 43 minutes and earns $32.17. When he performs in concert halls across the world he usually earns $1,000 a MINUTE (yes, that’s one thousand dollars). But this day, as an experiment, he only earned 80 CENTS a minute.

Really makes you wonder what direction our society is heading. Why did so few people not notice and take part in the beauty that was being offered?


Long article to read, but very thought-provoking. Also has video. If anything, go to the very bottom and watch the last video and read the last few paragraphs.