3rd grade field trip

Jacob’s 3rd grade field trip took them to a nature walk, lunch in a park and then the BYU Bean Life Science Museum:

Scavenger hunt while on the nature hike
Posing with friends in front of a waterfall
Lunch under a rock
Bean Museum posing with tigers, where’s the red pandas?
Getting a bit more real
I once caught a beetle -this- big
King of the Savannah and the wonder-kids

Turkey Flies, w-what?

Growing 6 turkeys this year, flies are getting really bad in the back yard, making a fly attractant
A little bit of sugar
Some brown sugar
Carving up some bottles – reversing the tops to trap the flies
Adding a bit of chicken to get that yummy (to flies) aroma of decaying meat
Home made fly-traps in the wild
Will the flies like vodka flavored watermelon rinds?

Utah Lake Scout Camp

Sam and Enzo
Sam and his face warmers
Ben and Enzo face warming – Sam eating his
Sam, Bryson and Ben trying to stay warm
Ben and Bryson playing cards
Sam picking up trash as part of our service project
Ben and Bryson, proud of a job well done
Sam enjoying the rewards of hard work