Random pictures

Dad and James (12/2/2021)
Jacob – nice hair (12/3/2021)
The family gathers for Grandma Grace’s 91st birthday (12/5/2021 – her birthday is on the 7th)
Ben helps to bring home the family tree (12/6/2021)
Mom helps out at Ammon’s school (12/7/2021)
Sam’s Christmas concert (12/8/2021)
Mom and Dad on Dad’s birthday at Zuppas (12/9/2021)
Celebrating Dad’s birthday at Tucanos – Anthony, Ben, Stewart, Sam, Jacob, June, Julles, Ammon
Grace, James, Dave, Lynette, Kris, LaMont, David, LaReita (12/11/2021)
Jacob at Walmart in the Lego isle – a bit short this year
Mom and Dad catch a movie during their anniversary trip/stay in SLC (12/27/2021)
Anthony gets his wisdom teeth removed (12/29/2021)
Pumpkin enjoying a warm body in Ben (12/29/2021)
Big snow (12/31/2021)
Ben wrestling tournament waiting his turn (12/31/2021)
Guys waiting for their match – Ben on far/top end

New kitchen countertops

Removing the old wall paper
Cleaning the walls
The desk too
Removing the backboards
Preparing to remove the countertops
Kitchen cleaned and ready for old countertop removal
Removing the old countertops
Removing the old sinks
Removing the old countertops
Taking them all out
Starting on the island
Replaced the desktop
New countertop in corner