[S15E4] Welcome Seegmiller!

4: Where did he come from? Elder Seegmiller got Emergency Transferred (Transferred to a new area in the middle of the transfer) I’ve served around him plenty of times before, he’s great! He will be going home soon so he’s trying to work as hard as he can to forget about the fact that he is going home. 

3: I’m not spending any more money on card games, but I will play After spending waaaay too much money on Pokemon cards I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t spend any more money on card games like that. However quite a few of my companions play Magic The Gathering, and so with both Elder Seegmiller and Schmidt wanting to play… I…. played with them on the condition that I will not spend anything on the game. It’s pretty fun. Good way to spend the time when we have nothing going on at 8:30pm.

2: Interviews! We had interviews with President Orton this week, it went really good, President and I talked about how I can continue to help my companions and keep focus for the time that I have left. We also talked about a video of Grandpa Leavitt that Mom sent me. Turns out he knows a few Leavitts! Small world huh?

1: How has my testimony grown? I would just like to say, how much our Father loves us. He wants all his children to come back to him again, no matter who they are. Even when we make mistakes he loves us, he doesn’t condone our actions, however. That’s an important distinction.Good doesn’t give us a pass to do as we please, we have all seen parents who let their kids do as they please, those kids are not good people. But God will stay with us through thick and thin, and will forgive us of our mistakes as long as we are willing to improve and grow. This growth and return can only be done through his Son, Jesus Christ. John 3:16 shows us that Jesus is the proof of God’s love for us. 

I love y’all, and God

Ya boi, Elder James Berky

[S15E3] Zone Conference!

Was plenty fun, got to see some of my mission friends, and Elder Seegmiller gave a great departing testimony. 

3: Goats!  We had a great lesson with the Browns, talking about how important the restoration of the Gospel is. After we were done they wanted to show us their goats. They were cool, and looked exactly like goats, I don’t know what else to tell you. Some of them were small, no bigger than a Labrador, and the Browns had no idea why they were so small. (Pic included)

2: My buddies! Got to see my mission friends at Zone Conference, like Elders Hyer, Griffith, Ethington, and more. It was really cool and good to see how much everyone has grown. 

1: Mrs. Applesmith While tracting we ran into Mrs Applesmith, I forgot her first name, and talked about families for well over an hour while her grandkids played. She had been going through quite a bit lately, so us sharing the message of the Plan of Salvation really helped her out. It was good after a whole week of fruitless tracting to have a good experience with some one. Hopefully we can catch her again, she’s pretty busy. 

I’ve been able to see my testimony grow much this week, I love the Lord, and my Heavenly Father.

Ya Boi, Elder James Berky

[S15E2] What does Trump have to do with this??

4: Title of email  Elder Schmidt and I were having a nice conversation with an older guy about the gospel and. We told him our beliefs about how God isn’t just a mass of energy that became aware of itself, but is an actual living being. At any rate while we were talking about gospel stuff, this guy stops the conversation, and starts talking about how Donald Trump is the worst. I was like, What? What does that have to do with anything? He even recognized that he brought it up out of nowhere. Really wanted to say something, but it’s more important to be nice. 

3: Finally! A new Couch! We have had half of a ratty, gross green sectional that we needed to shove up against the wall in order to use it for the longest time. Well I finally got fed up with it, and called our mission office asking for something that was more befitting a missionary apartment. So after some finacking to get it upstairs we now have a great new couch! Thanks El. Henreditty!

2: Exercising my talents! This week, as Elder Schmidt and I were wrapping up our family history session (Yeah we’re starting that now) I printed out some sheet music. It was something that I knew wouldn’t be to difficult, but still familiar, and that’s Minecraft! It’s the piece called “Wet Hands” and it’s not too crazy, but still has given me plenty of trouble with the key signature. But I’m figuring it out! That’s not the only talent that I’ve been working to improve on, I’ve also been practicing my sketching. I unfortunately don’t have any pics of my sketches, but they’ve been pretty good. I’m trying to get realistic looking motion down, instead of just all my drawings standing still, with their hands at their sides. 

1: Member lessons, all day, Every day We’ve been trying to get to know the ward better, so we have been calling up lots of members and setting up lessons with them, not only during the usual time during the evening, but also during the day as well! It’s been going very well, and we hope that the momentum will continue so that we can meet all the members of the ward and be really close with them! Another great thing is that Elder Schimidt and I have been able to practice our teaching together. Every single time you get a new companion there’s a space of time where you try to figure out each other’s teaching styles, and get in unison. Elder Schmidt and I are already there I feel, because we have been teaching so often! 

I’ve been able to see my testimony grow a lot this week, through the constant bearing of it in all our lessons. 

Love you all

Ya Boi, Elder James Berky

[S15E1] Schmidty!!

Elder Schmidt and I have been getting along great! Its been kinda a weird week, not much success, we couldn’t even talk to anyone. No one wanted to talk to us at all, so that kinda sucks. But hey! It’s been pretty good otherwise! Don’t have much to talk about as a result, but here are some pics!(We tracted into a part member family who had a whole reptile zoo in there house.)

Love you all, my testimony of the atoning sacrifice of the Savior has grown considerably this week, and I invite you all to do the same!

Ya boi

Elder James Berky