Free mini-bike

A mini-bike the boys picked up on a trip to St. George. They stopped by a Wendy’s for some food and asked the employees about the mini-bike. They manager said it had been chained up to the store for a couple weeks, they didn’t know who it belonged to and wanted to get rid of it.

So for the price of some bolt cutters at Home Depot next door, they boys brought home a mini-bike – now how much is it going to cost to get it running?

Front view
Side view – needs work

James Eagle Court of Honor

The Berky Scout boys
Super-Scouter mom
James pins on the Mothers Pin
Fatthers Pin
Grandfathers Pin
James and Mom (and Ammon)
Former Bishop Walker, James, current Bishop Slack
Former Scoutmaster Werner
James and Aunt Julles
James takes the cake
Caesar, Carlos (friends), Ben, Kooper (friend), Anthony
Ben and Kooper
Mom and her brother, Uncle LaMont
Irma (Carlos and Ceasar’s mom), Carlos, Kooper, James, Grandma Berky

Yard Work

Sam and Ammon helping to clear the “hill” in the back yard
James loading dirt into the trailer
Anthony and Ben dig a hole for a new tree – Grandpa Berky supervises
Grandpa Berky pitches in with Ben, Sam, Anthony and James
Transferring the dirt to Uncle LaMont’s house into his chicken run
Jacob, Sam, cousin Matt and Ammon on the trampoline
Jacob, Sam and cousin Matt