L-R James is “Seth” from Fablehaven, Anthony is a ninja, Benjamin is an army dude (of course), Samuel ninja, and Jacob is Thomas the Tank Engine (of course!) Jacob was really starting to get the hang of it, though he only lasted for about 1 hour. The others were out for 2 hours!  

Oh, the other thing about James that you can’t see is that James wanted his hair to be dirty blonde so he got it highlighted. And since he has natural highlights of RED from his Dad’s side, guess what the highlighting did for his hair! Made it a beautiful light red! (and he was too impatient to let the hair stylist dry the hair and make sure it was the color he wanted.) So we’ll have a red head for a few months!  

river rafting part 4

James future guide
James future guide

On the final day we hit all the rapids perfectly again. We all got to take turns commanding our big raft and the small rafts (called ‘duckies’). We had steer through a rapid & deliver water. In the big raft was 5 gallon water containers, and we had to serve water to the people in the other rafts.

The 3 Merit Badges we earned were Rowing, White water rafting, and canoeing.

To earn the Rowing we had to row the big boat.
To earn the White Water Rafting we had to steer through rapids, flip the boat, and get back on.
To earn the canoeing we had to flip the duckie and get back on.

Some kids had a hard time doing these things.
But we did it quite well, even better than some of the older troops. (We were a 12 year old scout patrol.)

The river guide, Kim, said I was the best steer-er that she had. Steve, the guy in the water boat, said that I was better than all of the other scouts that he had previously, including the 18 year olds. Dad even verified this with them, and they weren’t just saying that. They really meant it.

So maybe I’ll be a River Guide someday!

river rafting part 3

The next few days seemed to blur together. We had to flip the boat & get back in. We got to play the trust game. Go over rapids, eat dinner tell scary stories, wake up and do it all over again. One day we at lunch we made a slide out of a flipped boat and slid into the river, at lunch we also played the paddle game. We had fights and invaded the other boats

this is a giant pancake called the 'mancake'
this is a giant pancake called the 'mancake'

Brian wanted to eat this but could not because the other 18 year olds ate it.

River rafting part 2

That day we hit almost all the rapids perfectly. we went strait through this mini whirl pool. and all the other boats with 16-18 year-olds got stuck in it. after we got off the river the boys and i found thins big mud hole and we played in it for hours.

mud fight
mud fight

river rafting High Adventure

I went on a river rafting trip in June. we started of with a hike to Delicate Arch. After that we went to sand dune arch and spent a couple of hours there playing in the sand, and climbing up the arch. However my dad didn’t climb and took pictures of the climbers. (he’s afraid of heights) In the sand pit Brian started to do front flips off a rock outcropping. Tanden almost broke his leg on another rock.

climbing the arch
climbing the arch

After that we went back to camp. Then the next day we packed up and went to the meeting point for our river rafting trip. Then we jumped in the river to get a taste of the water. It was cold. Then we got the boats in and started our first leg of the journey.

Troop 1540 0n the Colorado River
Troop 1540 0n the Colorado River

FindACode in News of the Weird

News of the Weird

Truth: There is (or is going to be) a code for anything and everything now when it comes to documenting injuries. Going from 18,000 codes to 140,000 codes will require extensive searching requirements with the help of a computer and internet access.

Truth: Dave’s company FindACode.com is at the forefront of filling this emerging need for coders in the health care industry set to start October 2013.

Truth: Making coding fun and interesting is not an easy task, but they have spent some resources on YouTube videos and a prank April Fool’s joke of “X-Codes”.

Truth: Find-A-Code was recently included in a WallStreet Journal article about the new ICD-10-CM/PCS code set.

From the Wall Street Journal article:

One medical-coding website operator, Find A Code LLC, has created a series of YouTube videos with the tagline, “Yeah, there’s a code for that.” Snow White biting the poisoned apple, the firm says, may be a case of T78.04, “anaphylactic shock due to fruits and vegetables (see codes).” On April 1, the company posted a document with the secret “X-codes” to describe medical conditions stemming from encounters with aliens.

Truth: Using these YouTube videos and “X-Codes” has been a good ice-breaker for potential clients who are embracing Find-A-Code as their source for data.

Truth: Today in the Salt Lake Tribune, section A2, in News of the Weird, someone didn’t finish their fact-checking regarding the “X-Codes” and/or realize that the document was released on
April 1.

Fiction: Codes that cover conditions from encounters with extraterrestrials.

Truth: Codes that document conditions from “burn due to water skis on fire”. (See our YouTube video of that.)

Truth: Our YouTube video clips all start out with “Yeah, there’s a code for that.”

Truth: The title of this article is “They’ve got a code for that”

They didn’t mention Find A Code specifically, but we thank them for the free publicity! For those searching for a coding source, they will find FindACode.

Because a client said “See you at…”

Because a little bug went kachoo

By David
(Based on the book “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo” by Rosetta Stone (Dr. Seuss?))

Because a client said “See you at HIMSS on Monday,”
We scrambled to find out what HIMSS was.

Because we found out HIMSS was the worlds largest health care IT conference,
We decided to go.

Because we had enough money in the account,
We were able to go.

Because we were able to go,
We saw 1200 health care information technology vendors and associations.

Because we saw so many vendors and associations,
We decided to meet as many as we could.

Because we were meeting the vendors and associations,
We met the local chapter of AAHAM, the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management.

Because we met the friendly folks of AAHAM,
We were invited to speak at their next conference in Las Vegas.

Because we accepted their invitation,
We prepared a presentation and set up a booth at the AAHAM convention.

Because we had created some great ICD-10 tools,
Wyn and LaMont were able to put together an interesting presentation.

Because Wyn and LaMont gave such a great presentation,
A person from a HUGE potential client was impressed.

Because this person was impressed,
She asked us if we could provide ICD-10 tools for her company’s clients.

Because we started providing ICD-10 tools for her company’s clients,
… (to be continued)

Now the main question is: Were all these incidences merely coincidences?
Or can you see the hand of the Lord in all things?

We can!  (Plus maybe some help from St. Henry.)

Jacob, the shoeless wonder and snow

Fall has arrived very quickly. In the morning it began with rain, then sleet, then hail, then snow. I don’t particularly like writing (or reading) about weather except for the fact that this kind of precipitation is still such a marvel to me at times! Especially when it happens within the space of a couple hours. The other reason for writing about the weather is because snow and coldness have arrived Jacob will have to accept the hard, cold truth that he will have to start wearing shoes.

It must be genetic. I don’t like shoes. I’m barefoot most of the time. I even have those Vibram 5 Fingers toe shoes. As close as I can get to being barefoot, the better.

Jacob has worn shoes in the past, and he currently has shoes to wear. In fact 3 really good pairs. Granted 2 are a tad big on him. But in his own words, “NO shoes! Too big small!”

Shoe attempt #1
I got two pairs online from a well respected site that is recommended by Podiatrists. (I am beginning to really appreciate and understand the importance of good shoes.) Two pairs because there was a sale. Plus, when it comes to little boys and shoes, 2 pairs are needed because they get worn out or grown out of so quickly.

When the “Brown Box man” came (Samuel’s term for UPS), I played up the big day for Jacob. “Look Jacob! New shoes for you! Old shoes were too small. New shoes for your feet. They are bigger and your feet will feel good.”

His eyes got big and he said, “yeah! new shoes.” We put them on his feet. He didn’t move. He looked up at me with the following look in his eyes, what-the-heck-is-this-strange-feeling-and-why-are-you-torturing-me-your-youngest-child-in-this-cruel-manner?

Keeping positive I smiled, “Look at your cool shoes! They have lights! See!”  An arms length away, “Come here! Come to mommy!”

No reaction.

Bigger smile and extending arms again, “Come here Jacob!”

Here comes the wind up.

“You can do it!”

WAAAHHHHHH! Not moving physically, but definitely moved to tears.  “No shoes! Too big small!!” WAAAHHHHH! “NOOO! Take off!”

I did keep trying to encourage him for the next 5 minutes, but he wouldn’t budge. Literally on both counts.

Alas, knowing that he will only grow, I didn’t return. I am keeping them in the shoe bin. We have our own family shoe store with all these boys that grow out of their shoes so fast. In fact, it’s time to expand our store and get a 2nd shoe bin.

Shoe attempt #2
So I go back online and order a 3rd pair. These are supposed to be just the right size, but I don’t know if they are the right size. The shoe trauma has left a mark on Jacob’s memory and he won’t even try on pair number 3 .

A week later Samuel says, “the Brown Box man is here!”

I tell Jacob, “Look! New shoes. These are smaller. They will fit feet good.”

With a matter-of-fact expression and voice, “No shoes. Too big small.”

However, it snowed yesterday. Samuel (5 years old) put on his boots, coat (with his favorite shorts of course) and ventured out into the backyard to happily experience the first snow of the season. Jacob stood at the back door with a sad countenance. He opened the door. Looked at the snow on the porch. Shut the door. Open door. Shut door. As if he was thinking, (he talks of himself in 3rd person) “Jacob want to go outside. Can’t go outside. Jacob want to go outside. Can’t go. Too cold. But Jacob want to go!”

I ask with a smile and happy voice, “Do you want to wear your new shoes?”

Matter of fact reply, “No shoes. Too big small.”

Later that day after school the friends began coming over. I was doing scouts with my 5 Webelos. Samuel’s friend Landon came over. Jacob often tags along with them. They are both good kids and let him. When they asked if they could play at Landon’s I said yes. I think Jacob may want to try on the shoes. Nope. He leaves with them and walks 2 houses down on the wet, cold 40 degree sidewalk.

Sigh. He’ll learn soon enough. When it gets cold and snowy enough.

Side note: You would think I learned my lesson about ordering online. Apparently not. However, the lure of not having to drive to a store and have kids run around asking me a thousand times to get this or that is what has me driving the mouse instead of the car to buy shoes.

Another reason to buy shoes online? If I had to go to the store I would have to go search for my own shoes to wear. But that’s another story…