Samuel R Berky

After a scary start, Samuel R Berky was born into our family on January 13, 2006 – a Friday the 13th, no less. We were expecting to have a caesarean delivery (due to placenta previa) and had it scheduled for a few days later, when Sam decided to arrive early. We had a 3am, 100 mph rush to the hospital and went directly into the operating room. They prepped LaReita and Julles made it in time to watch along with David. Dave later said, it was just like M*A*S*H. Samuel was born at 4:36am and weighed in at 6lbs 7oz.

First picture, mom and Sam
Mom meets Sam
Looks like they both need some more sleep.
First bath in the NICU
Hanging out with mom in the NICU
Welcome home! Our growing family – Edible arrangement courtesy of Liz Covert (Rogers)
Ben getting some mom time with his new brother
Getting some rest
Taking a hit of oxygen, had to have him on it for a few hours a day for about a month
Anthony took this saying, “Mom, make a funny face.”
Mom get’s back to business as usual, with one minor change
After blessing – April 9th, 2006
The whole family – James, LaReita, Sam, Benjamin, David, Anthony – Sam’s blessing day April 9, 2006
Smilin’ Sam – sporting a new bib from Aunt Julles