[S12E1] No Habla Espanol

5: I don’t have to worry about speaking spanish! That’s right, my companion elder Holiman is no longer with us, and I am a Tri-panionship with the Zone Leaders! It’s been fun so far, knocking on people’s door, and suprise! I’m there! It’s also fun just walking down the sidewalk, which are designed for 2 people, so someone is usually left walking in the street, or left behind.

4: Pizza time! So we haven’t had pizza at all this week, I was just thinking about Spider-man 2. Point is, we’re going to be doing some great dinners, now that we have the collective money to do stuff like Swedish Meatballs, and Chicken Pot Pies. So if anyone wants to send me some recepies, that’d be great!

3: Richard R has a fantastic house! That sounds like a movie title, and it would make a cool movie. Brother R is a member that we tracted into, and because it was cold out, he let us in and gave us a tour of his house that he has been remodeling. It is a masterpiece! Although small, because the house was built in the 1930s, there are a lot of hidden gems in this guys’ place. He has a fantastic kitchen with all sorts of neat appliances, and his shower was the shower that Elon Musk probably has. My new goal in life is to have a house like Brother R.

2: That’s all the snow we got for this cold? I want a refund. It has been getting CHILLY recently, and tracting has been ‘fun’ because of it. Everyone takes pity on us, but hardly anyone is letting us in. 🙁  We were hearing some rumors about a nasty snowstorm coming our way on Sunday, and the clouds rolling in were incredibly threatening. When I woke up Sunday morning, expecting a white Christmas, all I got was a light frosting of the trees and rooftops. I was upsetti spaghetti. Should’ve learned from No Man’s Sky, don’t fall for the hype.

1: Baby’s first district council! So after ~15 months of being a missionary, President Orton finally held me down long enough to make me district leader. And even with no training, (Still haven’t gotten any btw) my first district council turned out alright. We talked about how we can teach like The Master, and the ways that Christ taught. It went well, and I hope that I can pin President down long enough to get some actual advice on how to be a District leader. 

Well, that’s all folks! 

Love Ya Boi

Elder James Berky

Picture is of Last Transfer when we helped the senior couple in Alturus, California with their technological problems. 

[S11E6] Habla Éspanõl?

Sorry for not writing last week, but it was a weird week. We had our temple trip on Thursday, which was the new pday, so I just decided to not write at all. Anywho, I’ll make this short cause I want to go get some fried chicken from Albertsons. 

4: Staying the several nights in Medford! While Elder Johnson went on his departing temple trip of the mission, I got to stay in Medford for a couple of nights with Elder Thorson! We did stuff like; do laundry, wait for the zoneleaders who forgot that the temple trip was that day, and… wait for the zone leaders. That was fun, we went to Costco, because I have a Costco card (Thanks Julles) and got some pizza (Kash Money Kerbs sent it on a full pizza, thanks bud.)

3: Cleaning and packing Because Elder Johnson is leaving, and so am I, we have been packing and cleaning. Sisters will be coming in, so we have to clean our apartment REAL good. But that’s not enough for me, so I’m writing weird things down on 3×5 cards and hiding them all over the apartment.

2: Why am I leaving? I’ve been transferred in-zone over to the 3rd ward, but that’s not enough Shenanagins for me, I’m also getting a Spanish Elder! 

1: Ihr Sprachen paar espanol So in addition to doing our work in Klamath 3rd ward Elder Holiman and I will be finding Spanish people. Elder Holiman will be teaching in Spanish, and I will be sitting there, trying to follow along.

[S11E4] A week of service and shots

4: Service for Treasures! We regularly do service for a thrift store that sells people’s leftover stuff when they… well… leave. It’s a lot of fun, and usually we are cleaning dishes, testing electronics and tents, and whatever other stuff gets brought in. But this week we played board games! We had to make sure that all the pieces were there, and the games worked properly. Plenty of monopoly and Yahtzee.

3: Service that gets you shot We were doing service for someone in the sister’s area, and it kinda ruined our whole week. I can’t say much because there’s still an investigation, but what I can say is that there was an accidental gunshot that wounded 2 missionaries (Both are fine and joking about it) I’m okay, and grateful for the blessing of the Lord for protecting his servants. Yeah, crazy week, had to go through a lot of questioning.

2: Shortly after that service, we had more!! During our interviews with President, a guy named Shawn came into the church and asked if we could help him move off his lot by Friday. We told him we could after we were done with our interviews, and when we were we headed over. (After changing) His place looked a little sketchy, and he walked out with a glock in his shoulder holster. We all looked at the elder and his bandaged arm and kinda laughed. Later when he asked about it, we all had a good laugh.

1: The final service was moving and talking about Taika Waititi’s spiderman movie As we were moving out a very nice place one of the elders and I were talking about how good a Taika Waitit spider-man movie starring Jeff Goldbloom would be.

Hey I’ve got to get going, but I love you all, and my testimony has grown so much this week. Who would’ve thought that a trip to the hospital would do that?
Ya boi, Elder James Berky

[S11E3] Status report

I don’t have any time because we spent the whole day at Lava Beds national monument. So i’m going to to a slightly humorous set of status updates.


Testimony of christ: Grown

Puppies seen? Check

Caves Spellunked: Not deep enough, need more time, more flexable back, and boots.

Lessons taught: 12

Zone conference? Success, could’ve been summerized however

The Boys: Seen

Noho’s: Eaten and enjoyed

The truck: No longer clean, advise to avoid swarms of midges

My body: Sore, core workouts are awful, but makes you swole

Our dishes: Clean now

Burger: eaten

Sending status? Full send.

This concludes status report. Summary; mission is a good time.


Ya boi Elder James Berky