James’ Eagle project

For James Eagle Scout project he chose to make small blackboards for a school in a Liberian refugee camp located in Ghana. The young adults in the ward also wrote messages to the kids in Ghana and included their pictures.

James’ Eagle Scout project
Painting the primer coat on the boards
Sanding the edges (Anthony) and painting the primer
Quality control and oversight by James
Applying the chalkboard surface paint
Painting ninjas – cousins Matt and Brandon Leavitt pose with Sam
Ammon surveys the work
Ammon models the finished product
They also collected and organized supplies for mothers and babies
More supplies
Dad helped by cooking breakfast for the crew
Samuel helped eat it
Jacob and Ammon lent their moral support
The Young Women/Men of the ward helped by writing messages to the kids in Ghana
The message included a bit about themselves and a picture
Like this one
But not like this
The notes were bound into a book and delivered when Anthony and Benjamin went to Ghana with LaReita later on in the year