[S3E2] Lots of Service

So, I didn’t forget to email you guys, its just that p-day was moved to Tuesday this week because today we get to go to the temple! Woo Hoo!!

10: I had a weird dream that we had hot pans on top of our cabinets in the kitchen and we were cooking bacon on them. Really weird, mainly cause the only thing that I was worried about was how much the bacon cost.

9: We had exchanges this week with the Zone Leaders, and we spent the most of the time at a big charity event for Alzheimer’s. It was a lot of fun, even though we were there since 5:40 in the morning. A lot of people were really impressed (both staff and attendees) with how nice and genuine we were. 

8: Elder Jeansemle met his primary-school teacher from Wisconsin! She has moved over here fairly recently, so we met her at church and they talked for a while! was really fun to see how God puts these little “Coincidences” in our way to show us he’s really there for us.

7: So some other service we did was at the Church’s Pear Farm! Harvest time is over so we were just doing a lot of clean up for next picking season. Namely washing out and stacking all the bins that they use for the storage of the pears. Lot of fun, and I got to use the pressure washer to clean the bins. Those guys are a lot of fun to use.

6: Another thing that we did for exchanges is meet with guy who the Zone leaders have been working with for a very long time. He loves everything about the Gospel, but just can’t come to terms with paying his tithing. UUUUGGGHHHH!!! Tithing brings soo many blessings, why can’t people see that??

5: We had a lot of fun at the Hall’s (Bri’s Family) yesterday, with teaching everyone individually, and helping them prepare for baptism on the 3rd of November. 

4: Another reason we were over there is because they signed up for dinner! When Lourie (the mom) asked us what we’d like to eat I said “Chicken Pot Pie” and even though she had never made it before, she came out with some really good pot pies!

3: Because its getting darker much sooner, and we’d literally get shot if we went tracting after dark, we have been doing a lot of study. Just reading the word of God is the greatest thing that you can spend your time doing. Please, if you haven’t had time to study the scriptures, make the time. It really will bring you more peace and joy than anything else.

2: A sister in our ward really likes to bu things in bulk, and long story short, I got a bag of regular razors. Those dudes shave sooo much more clean and close than electric shavers. 10/10 very smooth face.

1: After helping out with the Alzheimer’s walk, they had a bunch of balloons that they were just going to throw away/let loose. So Elder Jeanselme with Elder Goyen (we were still on exchanges) took this massive balloon arch and shoved it in the car to put in the ZLs apartment. Elder Olsen and I didn’t know, we were getting Jimmy Johns. So when we walked into their apartment to eat lunch, there were balloons E V E R Y W H E R E!

I love you all, and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Berky

P.S. I found a really nice spider-man mask for cheap at Goodwill. Of course I bought it.

Sam’s mountain bike race in Moab

Sam’s Mount Nebo mountain bike team had a race in Moab over the weekend. We drove up Friday night and stayed in a tent and did some hiking. Then went to the race in the morning.

Sam hiking in Moab
Dave and Jacob on the hike
Sam taking in the view (and a snack)
Jacob and Sam finishing the hike
Sam riding, Ammon trying to keep up
Sam helps Ammon learn to “get back on”
Sam poses after the race, Ammon joins in
LaReita gets her exercise chauffeuring Ammon
On the way home, fire in canyons near Spanish Fork
Had several files that put smoke in the valley this summer

[S3E1] Enter the Baguette!

Well, Elder Willits has gone home, and that was really hard to see him go. But now I have Elder Jeanselme! Yup, its French, and it’s pronounced “John- Salm” He’s got to explain it every time we talk to someone, its fun. Anywho, i’m going to get started on my top 10!

10: Well, this week was transfers, and Elder Willits went home. I’m going to miss him a lot! The worst part is that when we were saying goodbye at the transfer spot it wasn’t really goodbye, since he was coming to a ward event with his family. He was doing a mission tour, meeting everyone from his previous areas, and so we met up and did our final good-byes on Friday. Miss that man.

9: So this is the first time I’ve had a new companion, and it’s very weird, he has a totally different style of tracting, is a very different type of personality from Elder Willits, and just everything. It’ll take a while to get used to the differences, but that’s okay, He’s a great guy, and I can’t wait to work with him.

8: This p-day we went on a little hike, up to “Table Rock” check the pics below.

7: Had dinner at the Medina’s, which was funny because they are very well put together, and I forgot to tell elder Jeanselme about it, and he was just in awe of everything they had. They are a very musical family, and let me check out the Lute guitar that they had gotten from Athens, Greece! Very cool.

6: Bri’s family has a bunny apparently, and so when I asked to see it, they brought it down. and then told me I could have it! But I kinda can’t, because I’m doing too much missionary stuff to take care of a bunny. But they said that I could get him after my mission!!! Sweet, I can have a low-maintenance pet for after the mission!!

5: This week has been long, and weird. Getting used to a new companion, taking over the area is hard. But it’ll be good, I’ll learn how to be a BIGE boy.

4: After finding out that it’s really hard to get gospel knowledge into a whole family, we have started to teach the Hall family individually. It’s been great, we now have planned lessons laid out almost every day of the week.

3: Speaking of the Hall family, they will be moving really soon! NOOOOO!!! but not until they are baptized. So now the pressure is on to get them through all the lessons, and get them dunked as fast as we can.

2: We are getting a new car! The one that we are currently using is getting a little up in the miles (50k) and the church likes to sell them at that point. Our new car is going to be a 2019 Toyota corolla. Nice. because of that, we’ll have all our miles for the month refunded when we get the new car, so we’ve been planning plenty of boonie tracting. Gonna be sweeeet!

1: I am just very happy for life to be going on, for everyone. Don’t ever doubt that. No matter what happens, life will keep going. Just keep going with it.

Love you all,

Elder Berky

[S2E6] Homeward bound

Nope, not me, but Elder Willits just had his last week. Yeah, it’s hard. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him. Well, keep going on, but it just isn’t going to be the same. Anyways… Top list time!

7: I’m sure some of you might have seen this on good old Facebook, but Bri has gone to the temple! After just a week of being baptized! That’s nuts! This kinda thing just doesn’t happen! She wanted to do some family names, but couldn’t get the right permissions lined up, so that was sad. But who cares? Temple!

6: While playing gatorball (a combination of soccer and rugby) I got the ball kicked into my face, and it jammed my glasses into my nose. Which caused me to bleed, and might leave a scar. So that was pretty cool. Luckily it stopped bleeding so I didn’t get any blood on my clothes. In fact, I didn’t even notice until we stopped playing and somebody said something.

5: Bri’s whole family, who hasn’t really been fans of the church have now all committed to be baptized! That’s so great! They’ve come a long way! 

4: That’s really all we’ve been doing. Like all week we have been teaching them, either all together (doesn’t go so well) or by themselves (goes very well)

3: Got to spend a couple days with Elder Allan! He came out with me, but he’s going to the Philippines! He’s just staying here while he waits on his visa. We got to hang out, and he went to the Temple here in Medford, while Elder Willits went up to the one in Portland. That was a weird day.

2: I got to do service in in a homeless shelter, feeding people, and some dude brought in all these freaking pies! I kinda wish I was homeless now, I want some pies!

1: Sometimes i think “what am I doing out here?” But seeing the change that the Lord has brought to people, just because I’ve simply showed up where he told me to, has totally changed me. I am so thankful to be here today.

I love you all, and want y’all to read from 2 Nephi 31! Do some homework guys! 


Elder Berky

[S2E5] Baptism! Clean skies! Elder Willits is a sad little fellow!

Yeah, this has been a great week! Bri got baptized! And her family, who hasn’t been the biggest fans of the church came to her baptism and confirmation! Woo! List time!

10: I’m just going to make #10 the paragraph above.

9: Got to do exchanges Monday , and be a real missionary, riding a real bike! It has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve ridden a bike so that was fun to get back into that. I had to borrow Elder kays bike, and he is a BIGG BOYE so I had to drop the seat so much!

8: Got to help out at the pear farm, and pick on the platform! It’s basically a big machine that lets us grab all the parts at the tops of the trees! It was really scary, but fun! 

7: We met a former Nun! She’s down to chat, but not read the book of Mormon, so we’ll see what happens after our first meeting. 

6: Zone conference was this week! It was a bundle of fun, and we got to see a bunch of the other missionaries! Because a lot of the missionaries are going home this transfer, we had a lot of great testimonies borne. Nobody cried that hard tho, so that was surprising. 

5: Mí mama sent a bunch if music, and for some reason my phone just wouldn’t recognize any of them. So after a while of messing around with my phone trying to get them to work, with no real progress, I finally tried adding “.mp3” at the end of the name and viola! It worked! Thanks so much Mom! 


4: in the morning I’ve been developing my artsy talents by working on a superhero collage. And I finally finished it! See if you can name all the characters!

3: On Friday, as I was getting out of the car,  I saw a little dead bird! That was sad, and I’m glad I didn’t step on it.

2: Man,  the gospel just blesses us so much! The peace that we get from simply following Christ is incredible. You can also get sooo many solutions from just listening to God and his prophets.

#1: Stefán Karl Stefánsson. RIP

I love you all. Remember that Christ loves you too.

Elder Berky