Snow campout

Overnight campout at Jolly Ranch outside of Mapleton. Lots of snow – great chance to try out our new structured-snow-caves. Sam’s first campout as an 11 year old.

Roomy inside, ribbed walls and ceiling, room for 3 adults or 4 kids
Ben walks across the top
Nice and strong, holds Anthony, James and Sam
Built three of them, 1 for adults, 2 for scouts
Our camp site, snow, snow, snow
Ben emerges
Sam can’t wait for Benjamin to get the fire going

Snow cave prototypes

We built a prototype using only PVC pipes but realized we’d need metal ribs to make it more sturdy.

1st prototype using PVC pipes
Sam and Jacob pose in the completed first prototype
2nd prototype used galvanized pipes with PVC connectors and 2x4s for footings