Lake Powell trip – slot canyon (24th)

Sam, Jacob and Ben getting ready to go into the canyon
Heading down into the canyon
Heading into the canyon
The group in the canyon
Sam, Ben, Ammon, Mom, Justin, June, Savanah (Ade), Ryan, Julles, Jacob
Ben and Julles
Savanah (Ade) and Julles
The group framed by rock
Ben and Ammon find a small place
Ben and Sam
Sam, Ammon, Ben, Jacob (back)
Sam and Ben
The seahorse view
The whole group heading out

Lake Powell trip – beach day (23rd)

Ben and Ammon building another sand castle
Cousin Savanah (Ade) buries Jacob
Mom gets a ride with cousin Ryan
Ben chilling with a brewski (bottle found on the beach)
Sam rests after trying water skiing – Jacob in background
Anthony, Jacob and Savanah (Ade) hold down the pop-up during a micro-burst storm
Ryan, Anthony and Jacob hang on
Sam helps to pack up the truck – too stormy – let’s get our of here
Ben get’s packed in
Relaxing in the Air-BnB

Ben – more football camps

Ben – center – at MMHS football camp (7/1/2021)
The MMHS team
Ammon and Ben in the airport on their way (with Mom) to a camp in Florida
Salmon dinner
With fancy deviled eggs
Ammon and a new friend in the hotel pool
More swimming
At camp
Ben takes a break
Ammon trying out for a position as the “manager”
The whole group
Mom, Ben and Ammon
Fun time at the beach Ben and Ammon in the water
Ammon comes out of the water
Ammon building a sand castle
Ben helps out
Ben finds a new friend
Sunset at the beach
Some fun dinner time entertainment