New Shed

New shed arrives with a crane
Setting up the crane and strapping the shed

Hoisting the shed in place

So Anthony, what are you going do to with this shed?

Random pictures

James get’s his mission call! Eugene Oregon Mission (3/3/2018)
Ruxpin gives James a message (3/3/2018)
Big snow storm (3/4/2018)
Almost as tall as Ammon
Ben flexing (3/9/2018)
Mom and Ammon on a bike ride (3/27/2018)
Ammon’s muffin (3/28/2018)
He only likes the tops
LaReita reads to Ammon and Ky (Julles’ friend’s daughter) (3/29/2018)
Another bike ride Mom and Ammon (3/29/2018)
Out in the country
Ammon and Jacob out i the sun (3/30/2018)