[S9E1] A Challenger Approaches!!

Transfers were last week, and Elder Robinson headed off to Medford, and replacing him is Elder Clark! He’s from Belen New Mexico, and has been out for ~20 months. I believe it is last time.

1: Bikes are temperamental if you leave them in a box for 6 months That’s right, to solve our transportation woes, we have pulled out our bikes! After getting a tune-up courtesy of Brother G-, we were ready to head out on Thursday! As we were heading up the first hill, my derailer was acting up. Elder Clark hopped on to see what was up, and it snapped in half! A call to the zone leaders and $50 later my bike was back up and running.

2: You know who hasn’t been running? Me. Because it’s been about a year since I’ve ridden a bike, the Coos Bay hills were brutal. I had to walk up the majority of the hills here. It’s bad, but its bound to get better if I keep at it. By the end of this transfer I’ll have legs of steel! 

3: Accidental renaissance  While looking through my pictures, I found this guy. Then I edited it.

4: Going to a ward BBQ  It’ll be fun, if not a bit rainy. I hope I can fly my kite!

5: Wait, you’re the family history consultant aren’t you?  We had recent convert lessons with the F- family, and we had planned on talking to them about the temple. Cause we were under the impression that he hadn’t been to the temple. But he’s the family history consultant, and has done plenty of baptisms in the Medford temple. Just like that our whole lesson plan went out the window. Awkward – lol.

6: Check your pockets I accidentally washed my white handbook, but luckily I have a spare one. I’ll need a new plastic cover tho.
Well I’m going to get some Myrtle wood missionary tags.

Love ya!

Ya boi 

Elder James Berky 

[S8E6] I can’t think of a title

1: Silly pants are cheap and silly While we were at Walmart getting some dinner supplies for the night (tsziki, tzikki, tseziki, sauce for gyros.) And I spotted some silly shorts that are ridiculously comfortable, silly and most importantly, cheap. I also got some nice tan dress pants for $7 so I wasn’t being totally irresponsible….

2: When was the last time this bathroom was cleaned?? When Elder Hyer and I were at his apartment, he decided to clean the bathroom, because his companion would pitch a fit every time Elder Hyer tried to clean. No idea why, but it was very gross, and I’ll spare details because some of you might be eating. Had to take a shower afterwards it was that bad.

3: Oh yeah, Transfers! Luckily Hyer wont have to worry about his problems with his companion because both Elder Kerbs and Elder Robinson are leaving. I will be getting Elder Chris Clark, fresh out of Zone Leadership, and Elder Hyer will be getting Elder Mooney, who is fairly new. Due to the weirdness where the coast is positioned we have to arrange member rides. Always fun.

4: Blessings Galore! Sometimes, you’ll go 6 months without doing a single blessing, and sometimes you’ll do 3 in the span of 12 hours. The first was for a member who might have cancer, and wanted a blessing of comfort before she went in and got the testing done. The second was for a guy we’ve been teaching who tore his ACL. We went over to his place to have a lesson and M- told us that tonight wasn’t a good night because he was recovering from his torn ACL. When we asked if there was anything we could do, he said “Make my leg heal faster” HA YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD M-!!

We told him about priesthood blessings, and he accepted. Nice. Right after that we met a member of our elder’s quorum, and visited a sister who was having a rough week, and was worried her prescriptions weren’t working. We gave her a blessing, but also let her know that this isn’t a replacement for her meds. 

5: I saw many dogs.  But I have no photographic proof, because I am a fool. You’ll just have to take my word.

6: Exchanges/splits with Coquille The coquille elders came in for a couple days because they had to get some maintenance done on their car. So we decided to do exchanges. Well, we also had splits with the youth set up. So we did both. Unfortunately we didn’t find anybody, but we did meet T-, who said we could come back at 2am cause that’s when he knew for certain wrestling wouldn’t be on. Funny guy.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Also we’re heading down to a hike and I don’t do too well when typing in a car. Carsickness sucks.

I love you all, Ya Boi – Elder James Berky

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Random pictures

Anthony with date for Junior Prom
Date group
Mom’s acceptance letter to Winthr1_op University for masters degree program in social work
Mom on a hike (spit out that water!)
Dad and Anthony – showing of the desk Anthony made in furniture building class
Anthony getting some help from Pumpkin the cat
Sam getting ready to ride at a practice race
Grandma Jeppsen’s 64 Impala
Ammon playing in boxes – Jacob peeking out (upper right)
Ammon excited about a new toy Lego plane
Ammon all tuckered out
Ammon and Mom